Love Is More Than A Word«识汝不识丁» Shi Ru Bu Shi Ding.

Trans: The Eunuch

Chapter 3: The New Official (Part 3) …

Tao Mo’s body trembled, he didn’t know if it was the cold or shocked.

Some people questioned said: “Isn’t that official not supposed to be coming until the year? Where did you get it?”

The man said: “The new official got in the county yesterday. His butler is still looking for a tooth-wife to buy people into the government today.”

The man relieved, “The original painting was like this.”

Old Tao stared at Tao Mo with an empty face and sat down.

It was the most lively time of the tea house, the two had only got a stairway table, and they were close to the guy who was drinking.

Tao Mo couldn’t help but look at the probe, but was dragged by Old Tao.

The business of the three copper plates was really patronized.

A voice called said: “Come, let the uncle and I swear, is he fat or thin, high or short.”

There was a faint painted scroll.

“Ha!” The voice laughed. “A sick chicken!”

Buddy said: “I heard that County Magistrate was sick when he first entered the county. Maybe he couldn’t get into the hall.”

Another voice said: “This dare Ok, the ears are quiet! Every one of the provinces has to be pretending, they are not too tired, I am still old-fashioned.”

Dude said: “Lu Gongzi is laughing. Whatever time is your trick this heavy?”

The flattering seemed to make the person very comfortable, and the man sneered twice and squeezed out of the crowd.

Tao Mo went to see it. He saw that the person was fashinable and eye-catching, but also he was a handsome scholar.

The scholar seems to be aware that someone was watching, and it seems to be homeopathic.

Tao Mo hurried back.

Old Tao’s back was suddenly straight.

A fan knocked on the table, and the laughter from the scholar was fan aside. “Hey, I didn’t expect three copper plates to see the painting, but I can still see such deity.” He said, suddenly swearing, “Student Lu Zhen Xue has seen the County Magistrate.”

His voice was loud and eye-catching, and the moment caused a momentary panic to those around.

Tao Mo did not care, he wanted to stand up and say: “Imperial.”

The sounds of the surrounding were gradually calming down, and the eyes were condensed on the two.

Tao Mo couldn’t help but wonder what the man wanted to do.

Lu Zhen Xue smiled said: “I don’t know if the Master care about me at the same time?”

Tao Mo looked at Old Tao.

Old Tao has already stood up. As a servant, naturally he should not be at the same table as the owner.

Tao Mo said: “Let’s sit down.”

Lu Zhen Xue listened to him reluctantly, his heart was cold and he said: You don’t bother with me at the moment, I am afraid that I will not ask for it in the coming days!

Tao Mo said: “What do you want to eat?”

Lu Zhen Xue whispered, casually said: “A pot of Longjing.”

Tao Mo nodded, to the buddy who was waiting for the side: “Two vegetarian dishes, two bowls of rice, one pot Longjing.”

Lu Zhen Xue waited for the guy to leave, only he said: “Master has not eaten yet?”

Tao Mo shook his head.

“Why don’t you go to Xianweilou, but come to Jadeite? That Xianweilou is the place where you can eat. The Jadeite tea is good, but the dishes are not good.” Lu Zhen Xue said.

Tao Mo said: “I came here for the first time, I am not familiar.” He saw Old Tao still standing, and said, “Sit down.”

Old Tao is said: “Thank you Young Master.” But he didn’t dare to sit at any of the time, but his butt only slightly touched the bench.

Lu Zhen Xue said: “When the cold winter is cold, why does the Master have to take office before the year is over, isn’t it… remember those charcoal silver?”

Tao Mo said: “What is charcoal?”

Lu Zhen Xue blinked, “Master really doesn’t know?”

Tao Mo shook his head.

“It seems that Master Tao look at money like dirt. Come on you have to be a uncorrupted magistrate.” He taunted.

Tao Mo said: “I don’t want to be an uncorrupted magistrate.”

Lu Zhen Xue’s expression was stiff. County Magistrate from Tanyang Count didn’t want to be an uncorrupted official. Who doesn’t know that Tanyang Count is a hard bone for competent law, but no one wants to come. The Imperial Court will not send any real power to fix it. Why? Because it is not necessary. There are plenty Litigation Masters in Tanyang County, there are good and bad, but not bad like in the fish town, not unwilling, can not and dare. The literati has a mouth, they can say all over the world, it really make things anxious, and it is dare to go to Imperial Capital to sue. Therefore, Tanyang Count Magistrate doesn’t do big things in this place, and the performance evaluation is excellent every year. But like Tao Mo, when he came up and said that he would not be a clean official, Lu Zhen Xue felt like he still met a new person for the first time.

Don’t you, see him as he is, and push his heart?

Lu Zhen Xue was stunned, not knowing what kind of style on his body made him so admired.

Tao Mo picked up and said: “I want to be a responsible magistrate.”

Lu Zhen Xue took a surprise and laughed at said: “A responsible magistrate is supposed to be a clean official?”

Tao Mo said: “Responsible officials are clean officials, but clean officials are not necessarily responsible officials.”

Lu Zhen Xue nodded, but there was no impulse to follow. Every year, he hears people talk big, how many did he hear say it? To be honest, he wanted him to say that he doesn’t want to be a corrupt official only to end up being a corrupt official. Maybe then he would still looked at him. In this year, there are too few people who dare to be brave.

Just as they were served, the topic ended here.

Lu Zhen Xue took a sip of tea and wanted to leave. He had already guessed the bottom line of this new County Magistrate. He is a hypocrite, and his word doesn’t mean anything.

The footsteps sounded from the stairs.

There is an urgency in them.

But Lu Zhen Xue’s waist suddenly stood up. He looked at the stairs that were only three feet away from his forehead, and he was not very comfortable in his heart, but now he stood up and was too deliberate, so he had to hold back.

Old Tao saw him look different and couldn’t help but turn his head up.

Five or six scholars dressed up were walking down from above.

Because the lobby is quiet again, Tao Mo, who is eating, can’t help but turn see.

This look, the eyes were glued to the last person, and Lu could no longer move.

Snow white foxes coat, thick hair balck like ink, even after standing behind people, he can not stop the limelight of that body which seems to feel his gaze, his eyes faintly swept around, such as the cold star looked lazy, and the man gently moved away, as if he didn’t care.

“Brother Lu!” The scholar who walked in the front suddenly stopped and looked at him in surprise. “Since Lu is here, why not come up with a narrative?”

Lu Zhen Xue is not cold or hot, said: “I am going up, You are going down.”

The man laughed at said: “That’s unfortunate.” His eyes turned and he looked at Tao Mo. “This is…”

Lu Zhen Xue said: “You can’t see it, it’s new. Master of the County, Master Tao.”

The man said “oh”, and then no longer paid attention.

Tao Mo was left out and his cheeks were slightly hot. He has not been left out of the cold, and he has long been used to it, but this time before the person… but he may not care.

He saw the fox coat standing proudly at the top of the stairs, as if the bits his tail and pieces that happened to fall under his feet had nothing to do with him, there was something unspeakable in his heart.

Those people talked with Lu Zhen Xue for a while and then left.

Old Tao noticed that Lu Zhen Xue’s face was obviously gloomy after they left.

“Master, if there is nothing, the students will leave.” When encountering this group of people, Lu Zhen Xue lost his interest, even if he was casual, he got up straight.

“Leta leave.” Tao Mo was busy.

Lu Zhen Xue looked back.

“I have something to ask.”

Lu Zhen Xue pretended to wait patiently.

Tao Mo whispered said: “Do you know, what is the name of the young man wearing a fox?”

Lu Zhen Xue’s face changed slightly, he was looking at his shamed state with a puzzled look, then he suddenly lost his gloomy eyes, his eyes blinked, his mouth slowly glowing with a smile, “What are you asking? Gu She?”

“Gu She?” Tao Mo whispered, and the man face appeared in his mind.

Lu Zhen Xue said: “He is a favored disciple of Mr. Chui. The previous Magistrate wanted to make friends with him.”

Tao Mo’s eyes were clearly lit, and the whole face was vivid, he said: “Do you have a way to arrange ameeting with him?”

Lu Zhen Xue was upset. “I am from under Lin Shi tutelage, and I don’t have a deep relationship with them. I am afraid that I can’t help.”

The glory on Tao Mo’s eyes dimmed.

Lu Zhen Xue was even more upset, and he walks away.

At this time, the owner of the restaurant was staring at the man, holding the portrait of Tao Mo in his hand while explaining that the painting was only a consignment, and the Sanqi was divided into clouds.

Tao Mo didn’t care too much. When he saw that he would return the painting, he promised not to pursue it.

Old Tao suddenly said: “Where is this Lu Gongzi?”

The boss said: “Lu Family is a local famous family. There is a Shangshu and a Taifu. They are two masters in the capital. Lu Gongzi is a famous talent, and occasionally does the litigation work His teacher is the famous Lin Zhen Yong.”

His words whem Old Tao heard he frowned

Tao Mo asked said: “So, what about the Gu She?”

The boss said: “Gu Gongzi is a high-ranking Mr. Chui favorite student, but he never enters the official door. I heard that Mr. Chui is very favored him. The brothers are very caring for him.”

Tao Mo listened to the news, he didn’t feel happy.

Old Tao looked at the boss’s eyes and explored it. He quickly checked out and took Tao Mo back to the county to avoid reincarnation.

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