Love Is More Than A Word«识汝不识丁» Shi Ru Bu Shi Ding.

Trans: The Eunuch

Chapter 2: The New Official (Part 2) …

When Cui Jiong was cold and sweaty, he started shedding tears

From the time when the Prime Magistrate was bedridden with sickness he handed over the county affairs to him, Cui Jiong was used to going in and out of the County Magister House like it was his own backyard. How did he forgot himself? He was in a hurry this morning, and he forgot about it for a while, and he didn’t even think of the Magistrate House Porter. This is good, just to the new official and he caught the current!

He lowered his head and his thoughts flashed in in his head. He finally said on one knee: “Master you should know I’m your subordinate.”

Tao Mo was stunned just as he was asking why the man was kneeling he saw Old Tao come in from outside with a few people, and immediately called said: “Old Tao, what did you go do in this early in the morning?”

Cui Jiong saw that he was given a cold shoulder here, but he didn’t care, but he cared about his own comfortables. His knowledge and qualifications in Tanyang Count are longer than those of County Magistrate, and they are up to par with the real local snakes. Whichever County Magistrate took up his new post should not be against him, lest he really goes after them and make them sit in an unstable position. This is a thorn in his back, The New Official should give enough face so he can stand mighty and with prestige. Ok, since this is the first day of the year, I will feign its the 15th!

He has already begun to scheme and plot to countering

Old Tao entered the hall and saw one person kneeling. He was surprised to say: “Who is this?”

Tao Mo said: “Cui Jiong.”

Cui Jiong face was red. For a long time in the history of the book keeping, he was still on the ground for the first time.

Old Tao is different said: “How is he on the ground?”

Tao Mo shook his head honestly: “I don’t know.”

Cui Jiong was cold and red.

Old Tao knows that there is a reason for him being here, but it is not good to ask him face to face. He has to say: “I still don’t know what he is doing here Country Clerk Cui.”

Tao Mo bent over to help, and the hand just touched the sleeves, Cui Jiong stood up.

Tao Mo pointed to the people brought by Old Tao and asked said: “Who are they?”

“The new servants.” Old Tao said, “The door is also in need of cleaning to uphold the prestige.”

Cui Jiong came here early, originally intended to do this, but now he is happy to let them go to work.

Tao Mo was worried he said: “So many?”

Old Tao said: “Must no.”

Tao Mo sighed: “I don’t know when we can afford it.”

When it comes to the magistrate salary, Cui Jiong has a fire in his heart. Traditionally, the court is issued charcoal silver every year, equivalent to the New Year’s red envelope. However, due to the passing of Zhang Jing Yuan this year, Tao Mo has not yet taken office, this silver grant form the capital has not been issues yet. He asked the Country Clerks from neighboring counties and said that they had been sent out a few days ago. It can be seen that the grant has been sent, but it ended up in the purse of someone else’s family.

Old Tao took the servant down, leaving Tao Mo and Cui Jiong in the hall.

Tao Mo took the lead in opening said: “Have you eaten?”

Cui Jiong said: ” I have already ate.”

Tao Mo sighed said: “I haven’t. It’s better to eat together.”

Cui Jiong said, “I have already ate.” ”

Tao Mo said:” Lunch?”

” …… ”

Cui Jiong said:.” it has not yet. ”

” Lets eat together.”

porridge with pickles”.

Cui Jiong sipped slowly, and the soymilk fritters that he ate when he came were running around in the belly.

Tao Mo was relished.

“Young Master, is it delicious?” Huo Guo Xi voice came in from the outside.

Tao Mo said: “Country Clerk Cui.”

Cui Jiong ate his stomach and swelled. He managed to take a break and said: “Yes, its good.”

Huo Guo Zi satisfactorily covered the window.

Cui Jiong said: “This is the talent…”

“My little sister.” Tao Mo said.

Cui Jiong said: “Master must be from the scholarly family, poetry and patriarchal.”

Tao Mo said: “Do you mean calligraphy and painting?”

Cui Jiong said: “Oh? Master Magistrate did calligraphy and calligraphy?”

Tao Mo said: “No . ”

“Master is being modest.” Cui Jiong knew that this government position was bought, but since the other side to the one played rough, he thought: Do not blame me if I poke the sore feet.

Tao Mo said: “In the famous sayings of the ancients, I only remember one sentence.”

“Which sentence?”

“Nothing wrong with a scholar.”

Cui Jiong agrees. He was born in a poor family, because he was not able to take the test, he was transferred to a person to be a clerk and record things for him. The same is donated, he feels that he still has a few real things, so on weekdays, he can’t understand those who are heavenly and who think they are high. In particular, there are not many places in Tanyang Count, and the literati are mostly contrentrated here and each one is a literati whose mouth is faster than a knife.

Tao Mo saw him suddenly quiet he couldn’t help but ask said: “What’s wrong?”

Cui Jiong said: “Nothing, just thought of a case.”

“A case?” Tao Mo was spirited, “What case?”

Cui Jiong originally felt awkward about the case, and he was so asked, but he did not answer, after thinking about it he said: “It was a case a few years ago, a woman committed adultery and killed her husband.”

Tao Mo doubtful said: “How do you think of this case which is plainly?”

Cui Jiong said: “The husband of the woman is a butcher. The Master who got caught is a local scholar. After the incident, a few friends of the Magistrate used this scholarly relationship for him. In the end, they sentenced woman and let the scholar go unpunished.”

Tao Mo frowned said: “Isn’t that the scholar is not ignorant?”

“A woman in the district, can she kill a butcher by hand? It is clearly a fake sin.” Cui Jiong said coldly, “Those Litigation Masters think they have read a few years of books, and they are arbitrarily arrogant. They are running rampant, and they regard the court as the place for their games. With three inches of bad tongue, it is all black and white, and ignorant and hateful!”

Tao Mo listened to his indignation, but he was confused. “Who are you talking about?”

Cui Jiong slammed. “Master will know as long as he stays in Tanyang Count for a few days.” He poured the porridge on his throat and said casually. He found a reason for Tao Mo and left in hurry.

After he left, Old Tao knocked in the door.

“Young Master, I have inquired about it. The County Magistrate and The Registar position are all vacant, and they are part-time filled by the County Clerk.”

Old Tao looked at the empty bowl on the table and said, “Just I wonder why he knelt in front of the Young Master.”

” I do not know.” Tao Mo will see later Cui Jiong things one by one.

Old Tao frowned at the side: “I’m afraid he misunderstood.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” He waved his hand. “It’s not important. The most important thing is that there are Litigation Masters in his mouth.”

“Litigation Masters?”

Old Tao said: “Yes. The two most famous Litigation Masters in the world, Lin Zhen Yong and Mr. Chui are all residing in the fishing town under the Tanyang Count.”

Tao Mo’s eyes lit up.

Old Tao shook his head said: “Young Master you can’t forget the warning of the Old Master before his death. If you can be a good official who is praised by everyone, it is the best reward for the him in the Spirit of Heaven.”

Tao Mo was quiet for a while.

“The two Litigation Masters who retired and attracted countless Litigation Masters to come to the county. Over time, it became the world’s largest gathering place for Litigation Masters.” Old Tao heard the news and frowned. No wonder Tao Mo did not take anyone’s door, but was actually also assigned to such a rich county, it is a hot potato that not everyone can’t touch.

Tao Mo said: “So, are these Litigation Masters are against the government authority?”

“It’s not a general rule.” Old Tao paused. “Good Litigation Masters are naturally and good officials are on the same line.”

Tao Mo eyebrows said: “Yes. So, they can be in the Tanyang Count, It is the blessing of Tanyang Count.”

Old Tao opened his mouth and finally did not have the heart to fight his enthusiasm.

Although the good Litigation Masters and good officials are here, before Tao Mo becomes a truly respected and a recognized good official, Lao Tao is afraid that Litigation Masters will not be siding with him. Litigation Masters will suppress him everywhere. .

It is reported that Zhang Jing Yuan’s short life is not related to long-term depression.

He sighed. This is the end of the matter, only one step at a time.

Introducing Tao Mo to the new servant, and letting Huo Guo Zi arrange their daily affairs, Old Tao took Tao Mo out and wandered around.

As a County Magistrate, he must be familiar with the grass and trees he has to preside over.

The two first familiarized themselves with the street and walked back and forth along the east and west main roads.

When the time was over, the sky is already dark.

Old Tao saw Tao Mo’s face looking pale, he remembered that he just recovered from illness, and secretly blamed himself for being too unthoughtful, he said: “It’s better to find a restaurant to eat and then go back.”

Tao Mo was hungry, there is no reason to say no for it.

The two of them approached a restaurant with a red facade.

As soon as they entered the door, they heard a big guy who stood in the hall who said: “If ypu want to know what the new official looked like, three copper plates and its available!”

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