Love Is More Than A Word«识汝不识丁» Shi Ru Bu Shi Ding.

Trans: The Eunuch

Proofreader: None

Chapter 1: The New Official (Part 1) …

“After we turn over this mountain the next one is the Tanyang Count.” Old Tao shrank his shoulders and bowed his head and peeled the oranges.

Tao Mo couldn’t help but pull up the curtain.

The cold wind in the winter flew in, and the outside was covered with silver haze. Nothing could be seen. Huo Guo, who was driving, turned back: “What is Young Master’s command?”

“Nothing.” Tao Mo was frozen and wanted to take a nap so he quickly put the curtain down.

Old Tao handed him the peeled orange.

The oranges have been left for a long time, some are dry, and they are too sweet to eat. Tao Mo even ate a few, and then stuffed the rest to Old Tao.

Old Tao was happy to eat some more.

Tao Mo subconsciously touched the fragrant towel to wipe his mouth, but when the hand just reached into his arms, he remembered that the fragrant towel he himself had thrown it into the stove before, and he could not help but feel sorry for himself. After lingering in the incense building for so many years, he only this piece of fragrant towel commerate his life there. He didn’t expect it to be left.

“Young Master, are you cold?” Old Tao moved the fire pot forward.

“I’m not cold.” Tao Mo sighed. After sitting for a while, he couldn’t help but ask. “I heard that Tanyang Count has a lot of rich families, and I’m afraid it’s not a lawful place.”

Old Tao said: “People are being bullied. Young Master if you are afraid of them, they will naturally bully their heads.”

“How can I be afraid of them?” Tao Mo’s voice increased slightly. “I must be a good magistrate!”

Old Tao’s sleepy eyelids finally bloomed. A few seconds of big smile and he cheered with brilliance, “Young Master you will be able to.”

Tao Mo seems to have seen himself become “Tao The Just and Virtuous” and the people who are welcoming him and the future is bright.

The carriage suddenly shook on the road.

After Tao Mo’s head suddenly slammed into the wall of the carriage, his body leaned into the corner of the carriage.

Because Old Tao was sitting with him, his situation was little better. At the crucial moment, both hands held on the wall, he did not fall embarrassingly as him

Huo Guo Zi picked up the curtain, and his head came in, he was crying and sulking then said: “The wheel is broken.”

The wind kept blowing sharply.

Tao Mo tightened his neck and tried to shrink his head into the collar.

“Fortunately, we’re not far from Tanyang Count, we can continue without the carriage.” Old Tao said to Huo Guo, “The horse will be unload from the carriage and he will carry the Young Master. Young Masters will enter the county, and we’ll then send someone to pick it up.”

Tao Mo had to come down from the carriage.

Huo Guo Zi said: “I don’t know if the last County Magistrate left the magistrate house if he hasn’t left, I’m aafraid that there is no place for us to live.”

Old Tao said: “I have inquired. The last County Magistrate died of illness, and his family had already taken his body to be buried so the house is empty.”

Huo Guo Zi muttered said:” This is even more worse, even the one to help you accustomize is gone.”

Old Tao said:” Not necessarily, Young Master something urgent must have happened, County Magistrate’s assistant, The Registar and The Country Clerk can help. Perhaps there are also masters, these people are much more familiar than the County Magistrate’s assistant”

Huo Guo Zi did not speak, and the luggage was unloaded and tied up immediately.

Tao Mo stood on the side of the road and kept groaning.

Old Tao took out the fire pot and asked him to carry it. “You need the fire pot.”

Tao Mo barely stretched out two fingers from his sleeve and pinched the .

A group of three people and a horse returned to the road.

The ice and snow were slightly melted, and the steps most slippery.

Huo Guo Zi even fell three times before they finally found out the doorway.

Tao Mo nearly fell himself, but he was always supported by Old Tao. You shouldn’t think he is old, but he is the most stable one among the three.

This kind of dismal weathee, but they also had to rush to the city before closing the gates.

After walking through the uninhabited mountain forest for a long time, they suddenly encountered a crowd of people, and all three felt like they were in a dream.

Huo Guo Zi rubbed his eyes. “This is home.”

Old Tao said: “It may not be for a lifetime.”

Huo Guo’s eyes widened said: “You say…. Do you think the Young Master will be dismissed?”

“Hey.” Old Tao quickly spit on the floor, reaching for his head, and said: “Can’t it that he was promoted?”

Huo Guo said with a smile.

Tao Mo and Old Tao were far behind him.

Perhaps with people swarming Tao Mo felt that his groggy head was finally awake.

Huo Guo Zi ran along the East Street, all the way to the county gate, and knocked in the doors.

When Tao Mo arrived, the people inside were already ready and greeted them.

“Official records said that you will arrive next year first month but I did not expect you to arrive before the new year. It is really far from welcoming.” The man saw Tao Mo looking at him curiously and introduced himself, “I am the Head of the Servants of the former County Magistrate Zhang Jing Yuan. The one who writes off the Penalties and Punishments and my family surname is Jin….. I am Magistrate Advisor Jin.”

Tao Mo greeted calmly, “Magistrate Advisor Jin.”

Magistrate Advisor Jin looked like a torch, his eyesight swayed among the three people and landed on Old Tao.

Old Tao said: “This humbled servant followed The Young Master as my duty.”

He said it modestly, but Magistrate Advisor Jin can see that among the three people, this one was the most difficult to deal with. he smiled and said: “The old man will go to work, and we should go into the house and talk……. Please.”

Old Tao saw him and thought if if he made them think he was polite, but when his eyes turned to Tao Mo Magistrate Advisor Jin’s face was a bit won’t.

The next second, Magistrate Advisor Jin suddenly turnes a step and led Tao Mo to the top, and he sat down with him.

Tao Mo looked at Old Tao puzzledly.

Old Tao said: “Young Master has been on the road for a day, he is tired. Why don’t the secretary lead him to the inner court so he can rest?”

Magistrate Advisor Jin was annoyee and smacked his forehead and said: “I am really confused but with the last Lord Magistrate Zhang dying. At that time, I was always worried that I could not complete the handover of the official seal to the newly appointed County Magistrate. Therefore, if the Lord can understand the importance of this please show me the documents of the predecessor, so that I can transfer the official seal to the Lord and unload the responsibility. ”

He has a gun and a stick, and he clearly does not want to let go of either

Tao Mo had to take out the documents he had and given them to him, and he followed Old Secretary Jian to the study and he took the official seal. Even if Tao Mo tried to show some strength to this moment, he had some problems, his body was bursting with cold, his teeth were teetering. He was afraid that Old Tao and Huo Guo Zi would be worried and had to retreat to one side and be patient.

Old Tao saw Magistrate Advisor Jin and turns to go, and he quickly called him and said: “Magistrate Advisor Jin, why the hurry?”

Magistrate Advisor Jin smiled and said: “My home was with Lord Magistrate Zhang, now that Lord Magistrate Zhang is gone, the things I had to do are finished, naturally there is no other reason than to leave.”

Old Tao said: “What is Magistrate Advisor Jin mean to say there is no reason? My Young Master is new, it is the time we need to hire servants in the house.”

“People seek fortune, birds seek food.” Magistrate Advisor Jin looked at Tao Mo and smirked. “The new Lord gave a five thousand for the Magistrate seat and two, and it was obvious that the money was thick, and the people who were not rushing were not coming to use me? In my opinion, in the Tanyang Count area, it is not easy to find a complaint. Find a Litigation Master or Master Scholar then it is simple.”

Old Tao was still waiting for advice, then Magistrate Advisor Jin was gone

Huo Guo complained to said: “This man has a big temper.”

Old Tao looked at Tao Mo, seemingly blaming him for not saying a word at the time, but seeing his lips purple and his eyes scattered, this wasn’t a surprise. Reaching out to touch his forehead he felt it was hot, he turned to Huo Guo Zi and said: “Go, get the doctor!”

Huo Guo Zi promised, and ran off.

Old Tao helped Tao Mo into the inner house.

They did’t have a lot of luggage, because they have lost some of them in the middle of the road. The last ones they carried are some valuable things, but they are not out in the cold.

Old Tao went to rummaging through the old things left by a County Magistrate and actually found two quilts. He quickly laid them on the floor, let Tao Mo lie down, he put the more coal in the fire pot, put it to the bed, and went to get the water himself.

When he came back from the water, he still couldn’t see a shadow or hide of Huo Guo Zi. He thought thatvsince it was the first time he came here. He would probably be unfamiliar and could not find the his way around. He also remembered that Tao Mo was most afraid of cold. In the past, he always huddled in the bed and refused to come out when it was the winter season. This time, in order to be a good official, he insisted on going to work in advance, and Old Tao could not help but feel gratified and sad.

He walked up to the house with hot water and Tao Mowho was on the bed, Tao Mo was screaming at people.

When he walked closer, he heard him shouting “漁”.

Footsteps came from outside the door.

Huo Guo led the doctor into the door.

Old Tao moved to the side, and after the doctor diagnosed him, he wrote down his prescription notes and Old Tao was calm finally calm in his heart.

When everything and everyone is busy, the sky had dimmed.

As the former County Magistrate family took away most of the servants of the county, only two of them were left. Therefore, Old Tao can only pointed to Huo Guo Zi ti buy some food outside to deal with one night of hunger. But getting up tomorrow, there are too many things to be busy.

Tao Mo had a night filled with sweat, and when he got up the next day, he felt that his body was still a little empty, but his spirit was good, and he got up and went out to wear his clothes.

Huo Guo was coming over with hot water and saw him get up and was surprised, he said: “Young Master, how come you are getting up?”

“I’m hungry.” Tao Mo turned into the house and washed his face slowly.

Huo Guo Zi said: “I bought rice in this morning, I am making porridge.”

“White porridge is not good.” Tao Mo subconsciously.

Huo Guo squinted hus eyes and said: “I will go to the city for a while to find a delicious appetizer.”

Tao Mo’s face changed, and he whispered for a while. “The white porridge is okay.”

Huo Guo whispered said : “Don’t let Old Tao hear you say that.”

Tao Mo shook his head.

Huo Guo sighed, picked up the basin and bowed out.

Tao Mo turned around in the house and couldn’t sit still. Just outside there were some voices, he opened the door and walked toward the second hall.

The county compound is not big, its divided into three. The first front compund is the one where cases for trial are held then there is a second hall, third hall.

The second hall is the guest house.

The man saw Tao Mo, his eyes lit up, said: “You are Master Tao?”

Tao Mo nodded.

“This humbled man is the Official County Clerk of the County, Cui Jiong.” His eyes glared at Tao Mo and smiled. “I originally thought about coming to pay respect last night, but Magistrate Advisor Jin said that Master came from a long journey and was tired and unavailable, so I would have to have to change to the morning. I hope Master doesn’t blame me ?”

Tao Mo looked outside and said: “Did you come by yourself?”

Cui Jiong was confused.

Tao Mo said: “How come no one was notified?”

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